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SSPA Controller V2.1.x LITE

Update Log:
3 Feb 2024: HMI/TFT for NX4832F035 3.5 Discovery uploaded for Laurent/F5OTZ
8 Jan 2024: HMI/TFT for NX8048P050 uploaded on request of Ken/VK6AKT
8 Jan 2024: HMI/TFT for NX8048P070 uploaded on request of Hans/OZ1CMV

HANS/DF1JM and few others in their club were preparing to make SSPA and liked the display of my controller. We started communicating from February 2023. He liked the V1 for its simplicity, but I pushed him to use V2 as the code is much better. With his request I stripped down most of the features of V2.0, and only kept Temperature protection. Let’s call it V2.1.x LITE

As last few months I am abroad and do not have the hardware with me to test – it was a lot of back and forth emails between me and Hans to test the codes – seeing the result – correcting etc etc.

the 2.1.x LITE is Based on V1.x hardware board. Touch GUI is from V2.0

All of the materials are released as open source. you are welcome to use it as it is or modify as you feel.

You will find all the following in the GITHUB repo (
NX4832T035 3.5″ (BASIC Series)
NX4832F035 3.5″ (DISCOVERY Series) [new]
NX8048T050 5″ (BASIC Series)
NX8048T070 7″ (BASIC Series)
NX8048P050 5″ (INTELLIGENT Series)
NX8048P070 7″ (INTELLIGENT Series)

If you need it compiled for your version of Nextion, let me know here in comment – I will compile and upload as soon I can.

Apart from countless hours (and lots of coffee) to design the circuit, testing, coding thousands of line etc (In addition to my full time work) – I also had to order every component from of-shore for my experiment. As I do not sell KIT – there is no return except my own happiness.

If you like my work and wish to use it – you may show your appreciation and support my effort by a small donation. This is completely optional and has no effect on the support I try to provide over email/chat/Github. 73, S21RC

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  1. Mukesh Patel

    Hi Rabby, thanks for doing the great work and helping other hams. I have 7 inch touch screen amp controller from Dxworld-E , it supposed to come with version 2.x , can I upgrade it to newer version? if yes, which one. Also, the supplied touch screen is Resistive touch screen ( nextion nx8048p070_11) can I change it to capacitive touchscreen.?
    thank you,

  2. S21RC

    Hello. Please check the RX/TX line from display to controller. You must remove the USB from Nano. Nano Rx will go to display Tx and vise versa. Let me know if it solves.


    Hello Fazlay ,

    I made a mock-up on a test plate of your SSPA V2.1 LITE controller project ,I used the software V 2.1.13 I use the NX4832T035 Basic soft v2 .1.08 tft display . The display is ok the touch panel works well but it seems that the dialogue with the NANO is not good no value are displayed neither T° not voltage and the selector of the lpf does not respond in touch mode, I do not really understand what happens is that I forgot something, in any case beautiful projects as well as the last version 3 with the teensy, maybe I’ll do this one for another amp project.
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  4. laurent

    Hello Rabby
    had received the boards from china …
    could you please make me a compilation for my screen? had tried by myseld but i m not sure if it will be ok
    my reference is NX4832F035_11
    BEST REGARDS Laurent

    1. Rabby

      Hi Laurent, TFT and HMI uploaded to Github, please check.

  5. Hans R. Nolting

    Hey Fazlay
    Thankyou for very fine projekt, but I have a little problem…
    my display is a Nextion NX8048P070-011R
    Do you have time to compile for this display ???
    Best regards from
    Hans / OZ1CMV / Denmark
    I look forward to the version with Teensy 4.1 but I know you are wery busy.

    1. s21rc

      Hi Hans, Sorry was busy with work and was abroad. I will compile the TFT for you and update you this week. regards, S21RC

    2. s21rc

      Hi Hans, File for NX8048P070 7 Intelligent v2.1.08.HMI/TFT uploaded to GIT. Please check. Thanks.

      1. Hans R. Nolting

        Thankyou so much, so now I start, amazing projekt.
        I will give you results later
        Best 73 Hans / OZ1CMV


    Hi Fazlay,
    As i can see you have released probably SSPA Controller V2.1.x LITE (firmware) Is this is compatible with your latest hardware with Teensy4.1 (S21RC SSPA Controller Hardware Rev3.0.1)

    1. S21RC

      Hi Probir,
      V2.0 and V2.1.x are based on the PCB rev1.x (Arduino based).

      Code/HMI V3 are based on Rev3.0.x PCB (Teensy 4.1).[still not complete]

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